Detox for Everybody: Your Guide to a Long and Healthy Life!

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Our modern world is filled with toxins that the human body has never been exposed to in history. Can you help your body get rid of toxins before they accumulate and cause permanent damage? Yes!

All of us living today have been exposed to so many toxic chemicals and compounds… so many more than we even know about! And in combination, we have no idea what they are doing to us.

Cancer, heart disease, stroke, autoimmune diseases, mental dysfunction, depression, infertility… are all things linked to all of the toxins in our modern world.

Whether you want to address a current condition so you can feel better now or prevent getting a chronic, debilitating, or deadly disease in the future, detoxing can help!

There IS hope. You CAN help your body to remove toxins.

Are you?

  • Wondering why you can’t lose those extra pounds of weight?
  • Looking to keep your mind sharp as you age?
  • Dealing with an autoimmune disease that is a huge burden in your life?
  • Hoping to have a child and want to prepare your body so that you don’t pass on toxins to your baby?

In this book, you will discover…

  1. How do I know what toxins I have in my body?
  2. What are the 13 most common signs and symptoms of toxin overload?
  3. What is scientifically proven to work and what doesn’t?
  4. Who should detox and who should not?
  5. What are the 5 things you can do every day to detox?
  6. How can I do an effective deep detox?
  7. When is the best time to detox?
  8. What dangers are lurking in my home?

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