Colds and Flu

1) What to do if you get sick

This page gives you detailed instructions on how to best take care of yourself if you get a cold or flu. When you first feel yourself becoming sick, there are things you can do to avoid getting worse or shorten the duration of the illness.

2) Cold and Flu Prevention video

In this video, Dr. Mitch Kennedy tells you how you can prevent Colds and Flu naturally!

3) Immune Support Videos

What you can do to support your immune system? We have created a 4 part video series for you!

  1. Immune Support Foods – Foods you eat can either help or hurt your immune system. Learn what you can eat to support immune function.
  2. Immune Support Vitamins – Your immune system needs vitamins to work at its optimal level. Learn what you can take to support immune function.
  3. Immune Support Herbs – Learn what herbs you can use to support a strong immune system. Some of these are easy to grow yourself!
  4. Supplement Quality – Are you getting what you think you are? There can be crazy stuff inside junk supplements… Learn how to identify good quality supplements and avoid the bad ones.

4) Special deal on the supplements doctors buy

Through the link below, we give you access to the company we use to buy all our supplements – at a % off! This is the same company we have been personally using for years.

Because they sell directly to healthcare practitioners, they carry the best brands at the best prices, and we are passing on a special deal to you.

Here the URL:

Once you set up your account today, you will be able to get the special deal today, and on all your future vitamin and supplement purchases.

Here are the 3-step sign-up instructions – it takes only 1 minute to get access.

5) One-on-One Consult via Telephone or Video

New Patient Initial Health Consultation with Dr. Kennedy (40-minutes)

During the 40-minute new patient initial consultation, the doctor conducts a thorough medical review by asking questions. The questions will cover symptoms, medical history, any health concerns, and the results of previous medical tests. It is important to be completely honest when answering the doctor’s questions, as his ability to help you is based on the actual facts of what is going on. The doctor is here to help you, not to judge. We believe that you know your body better than anyone, so please mention anything you know about your physical health, even if you don’t think it’s relevant, as the smallest detail might be very important! The doctor will be able to help you the best if you are completely honest and open. It may be useful to make a list of everything you want to tell the doctor before your consult, so you don’t forget anything. Due to time constraints, the doctor will likely not be able to address every health concern on the first visit, but he will address your most pressing concern first. You will leave the initial consultation with a plan of action with specific steps to take to improve your health.

We can chat on Skype, Zoom, Google Duo, or FaceTime for iPhone.

If you have any questions, would you please use our Contact Us form?

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