Detox Supplies

Supplies for Detox

What to buy to prepare for detoxing or after a toxic chemical exposure

The following is a list of what you may want to have on hand to start detoxing. Below we have provided you with the products we use. In some cases, such as Epson Salt, brand is as important, but here we have provided you our favorite, and most economical brands.

Step 1 – Get our book:

Toxic to Terrific: The step-by-step detox guide to safely remove dangerous toxins from your body and life! Book Coming Soon!

Want to know how you can get dangerous chemicals out of your body and feel better? We wrote the book on it!

All the instructions, resources, and everything you need to know in one value-priced book — Toxic to Terrific: The step-by-step detox guide to safely remove dangerous toxins from your body and life!

Take a detox ‘stay-cation’ — treat yourself well while you detox:

Give your body a rest by getting more sleep.

Treat yourself to fun non-alcoholic beverages – Drinking alcohol reduces your liver’s ability to carry out its normal functions, such as detoxifying.

STEP 2 – Get your supplies

To get the basic supplies you will need to get started detoxing, please visit our shop:

STEP 3 – Get your elimination pathways going!

Drink Hydrating FluidsHow much water should you drink

Gently Move Your Bowels How to gently move your bowels to accelerate detox

Sweat Toxins OutHow to sweat toxins out

Take High-Quality Supplements – Start with the basics: B-Complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Magnesium, CoQ10, Zinc citrate. These will give your body what it needs to support detoxing. Here’s a video we created that explains supplement quality – Are you getting what you think you are? Supplement quality

Please refer to these links for more information on:

For more detoxing information, please see:

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