1) We wrote the book on it!

Want to how you can get dangerous chemicals out of your body and feel better? Get our new book as soon as it is available — Toxic to Terrific: The step-by-step detox guide to safely remove dangerous toxins from your body and life!

2) Test & Purify Your Home

All the resources you need to test your home and workplace, along with your recommendations for the top purifiers and filters. Click here to clean up your Test & Purify Your Home!

3) Detox Question and Answer Session 20-minutes with Dr. Kennedy

In this one-on-one, 20-minute personal coaching session Dr. Kennedy will assist you to overcome obstacles, empower your self-care, and achieve your goals! Dr. Kennedy will advise you on the finer points of conducting your Detox. He will personally review your completed “Personal Exposure Checklist” and ask clarifying questions on items of particular significance. Together you will come up with a plan that you can conduct on your own to address the disease and ailments you feel are most pressing.

4) Learn to Create a Toxin-free Home or Office 20-minute Question and Answer session

In this one-on-one, 20-minute session, Dr. Kennedy will assist you to clean up your home or office. After reviewing your “Home Toxin Room-by-Room Inspection Survey”, Dr. Kennedy will discuss with you your next steps for testing, changes, and other strategies to improve the environment inside the home and around your property.

5) How Toxins Affect Children

A Toxic Start to Life: Counteracting Children’s Unique Vulnerabilities
Environmental toxicity can occur at any stage of life, but it often starts much earlier than you might suspect.

6) How to Avoid a Plastic Additive that causes Premature Death

A new study demonstrates that daily exposure to phthalates may be causing nearly 100,000 premature deaths every year in the US, costing somewhere from $40 billion to $47 billion, a figure more than four times previous estimates.

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