DNA Testing Laboratory Company Recommendations

PLEASE NOTE: Before looking at this list below, you might want to read our article on how to get your DNA tested without giving away your identity.

There are many Genetics/DNA/SNP testing companies, with more new ones entering the field every day. So which do you choose?

Below is a list of companies that we have used and liked, or are recommended by other doctors (as noted.) We also list database companies to which you can upload your DNA data once you have it in order to get the latest research findings on your specific SNPs. At the end, we talk about cautions.

Recommended Tests

(Recommended by Dr. Mitch Kennedy)
$299 – Decodes 100% of Genome using their test kit, or you can upload your DNA data and they will attempt to “fill in the blanks” for you. You can use their research database for free. Number of SNPs Tested: 600,000
Privacy – You can download your own data, and delete your account and data from their servers, if desired. Fate of DNA sample: undisclosed.

(Recommended by Dr. Nasha Winters – Thanks, Nasha!)
$299 – provides data for 95 clinically relevant genes in the categories of Detoxification (CYP450), Nutrition, Cardiovascular, Digestion, Energy, Hormones, Stress & Cognitive Performance, Inflammation & Longevity, DNA Repair, Athletic Performance
Number of SNPs tested: 95
Privacy – Allows download of your results, will destroy DNA sample and your test data at your request.

Recommended by Dr. Jennifer Curtiss – Thanks, Jennifer!
$349 for “The Works” – no specifics but claim, MTHFR, stress, antioxidants, detox pathways, inflammation, Neurotransmitters, Metabolism, Food sensitivities, Vitamin Deficiencies, and more… Uses a cheek swab, not saliva). Reports are sent as Microsoft Spreadsheet, not useable for upload to any other interpretation platform.
Number of SNPs Tested: 198 specifically selected for metabolic, detox, inflammation, etc..
Privacy – Sample destroyed after sending data to patient. Data given to you at completion of test, no copies kept. Does not sell for research.

Recommended by Dina Pelletier, MPH
Test $99 / Monthly access to database $49, or $249 for lifetime access to database and reports and updates.
Number of SNPs Tested: 150,000
Privacy – Account information retained until you remove it. DNA database data also removed upon request. Most specific Privacy Policy of all testing labs we have looked into. Their language is clear and they pride themselves on privacy, and not selling your data or genes to someone else. Caveats include subpoena by law enforcement or government authorities in connection with a crime.

Must be ordered by a doctor

Recommended by Dr. Loren Kozak – Thanks, Loren!
DSL has a genetic SNP test – clinicians only Not open to purchase by the public.
Number of SNPs Tested: 3,000
Feeds into the D’Adamo Opus 23 Database for detailed info – very pretty reports with good descriptions.
Privacy – Does not share patient data with any third party, and conforms to the requirements of the US Genetic Information NonDiscrimination Act (2008).

DESIGN FOR HEALTH – Genomic Spotlight
Assesses eight key areas of health, including methylation, bone health, aging, cognitive health, detoxification, endocrine health, inflammatory status, and gastrointestinal health

Offers panels of SNP test to Physicians only.
Mood, Cardiovascular, MTHFR, Pain Management, Weight Management, COMT, not like 23andMe – things like transplant compatibility, COVID-19, etc…
Privacy – No Data Privacy Statement on the website, but regulated by HIPPA because tests can only be ordered by physicians.

$499 for their 7 core Mental Health Map Test 24 SNPs.
Looks well packaged for what you get, BLOOD test, not cheek swab or saliva.
Privacy – Shares de-identified genetic data with other non-Genomind research parties. You can opt-out of this. Will turnover genetic information to law enforcement or for a court order. Can ask to have DNA sample destroyed after analysis.

https://www.dnasupplementation.com – General SNP analysis for customized nutrition.


Once you have done a DNA test from a company that allows you to download your DNA file (best NOT to get this as a spreadsheet – better to get it as a simple text file), then you have the ability to upload that data to other platforms which can help you understand your genetic makeup and what it means. There are several very good online databases that allow you to upload your DNA data in order to provide you with additional information that is either more up-to-date, more thorough, or more easy to understand.

Recommended by Dr. Bryan Rade – Thanks, Bryan!
This site provides training, and gene discovery/understanding, mostly to Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Physicians, but is available to anyone. Highly informative.

OPUS23 – Database Only
Recommended by – Dr. Peter D’Adamo – Thanks, Peter!
Function specific SNP associating database. Upload the data and connections between SNPs and their associated genes and the function /malfunction are highlighted in the context of all related SNPs, as opposed to in singular fashion. Far more understandable and impactful, this is a true synthesis in the way that one leads to another and or feeds back upon the other.

Dr. Ben Lynch – Thanks, Ben!
This is a fabulous resource for people who already have their DNA data. Dr. Ben Lynch has an international reputation for his training and counseling on MTHFR gene breaks and other functional nutrition issues.

(Recommended by Dr. Mitch Kennedy)
Database Only
While not a testing company, Promethease is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on connecting a file of DNA genotypes to the scientific findings cited in SNPedia. Customers of outside DNA testing services biomedical researchers and healthcare professionals use Promethease to retrieve information published about their DNA variations.
Data and DNA Privacy: all data and reports are deleted 45 days after first run.

SNIPEDIA (Recommended by Dr. Mitch Kennedy)
DNA SNP resources and links to testing companies

Database Only
Genetic Database App made by the Pure Encapsulations supplement company. FREE to use by healthcare practitioners only, once you upload DNA data.


Please do some research on any genetics (DNA) Laboratory companies before you buy, as there may be privacy or other concerns.

For example: “23andMe announced on (July 2018) that GlaxoSmithKline purchased a $300 million stake in the company, allowing the pharmaceutical giant to use 23andMe’s trove of genetic data to develop new drugs — raising new privacy concerns for consumers. (Source: Time)

In addition, some genetics (DNA) Laboratory companies focus on health, and others do not. For example: Ancestry.com – although this company has recently started offering health information based on your DNA, its primary focus has been finding relationships between people, not health.

Click here to read our article on how to get your DNA tested without giving away your identity.

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