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Flu Prevention


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You can prevent getting a Cold or Flu by taking precautions and taking better care of yourself. In this video, Dr. Mitch Kennedy tells you how to prevent Colds and Flu naturally.

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  • One other thing I would like to add in the face of the Corona virus, it appears that you can be re-infected after you contract it and get over your first infection with it. This is highly unusual as typically your immune system would build anti-bodies to the virus and you would not be re-infected.

    • Hi Sam!
      The flu vaccine will not protect you from Coronavirus or the common cold, just influenza, the common seasonal flu. And really the flu vaccine is only good if you get exposed to the common flu strain before it mutates.

      This is how they create the common influenza vaccine: 1) Someone goes to Asia and gets a sick person’s virus sample. 2) they make a vaccine. 3) You get this single version.

      Buuuut, the virus continues to mutate, as it is passed from person to person, so the Flu vaccine you get is only 35-40% effective.

      As of this writing, they do not yet have a vaccine against Coronavirus.

      If you have any other questions, would you please comment here?

  • We are impressed by your relaxed and knowledgeable presentation. You present your topics both thoroughly and with a depth of knowledge. Thank you.

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