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Get your Detox Toolkit to help on the detox journey! For those who have read our book Toxic to Terrific!

Here is everything that is included:

1) Ask the doctor any 3 questions you have about detox via email
Do you have questions? Here is your chance to ask the doctor any detox questions you might have.

2) Un-Detoxables and What You Can Do About Them – Bonus Chapter
Are there toxins that can not be removed from your body? Sadly, yes, there are. In this bonus, unpublished chapter, learn what they are and what you can do to avoid the undetoxables.

3) Personal Toxin Exposure – Audit Sheet
What toxins have you been exposed to in your life? Probably more than you think. Use this sheet to audit areas of your life with simple questions that will lead you to the answer of your personal exposure.

4) Pre & Post Detox – Symptom Tracker
Before you begin your detox and after you have finished, use this tracker to note any changes your notice.

5) Home Toxin Room-by-Room Inspection Survey
Investigate all possible places toxins can be hiding in your home using this very thorough home survey.

6) 11 Ways to Limit Your PFAS Exposure
PFAS can sneak into your life. Learn how to avoid them.

7) How to air-out your new toxin-laden product so it doesn’t harm your family – Instructions
What do you do if you have carpet, furniture, paint, or other items that you can’t, or can’t afford to get rid of? These instructions will show you the best way to air things out.

8) Detox Your Life: Real-World Examples
How do other people detox their lives? These inspirational interviews speak with 7 people about how they cleaned up their lives.

9) Test & Purify Your Home
Everything you need for testing and cleaning up the toxins in your home, hand-selected by the doctor.

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