Laboratory Testing Companies that Test for Toxin/Toxicants in the Human Body


We recommend you work with a physician who knows about the tests you want to have done.

How to find a Physician to work with

Some laboratories sell directly to the public but most only allow medical professionals to order tests and receive test results. To find a physician, contact the lab and ask them for a list of doctors near you, who use their tests regularly.

The Plain Truth

There is not one single human on Earth who does not have some man-made chemicals in their body. Of the almost 7.7 billion people now alive, everyone on Earth has been exposed to these chemicals even if they do not have a car or home, or live in a city, or live in an industrialized country like the USA that has so many technological devices and consumer goods.

Why? Because we live in a fishbowl. As the saying goes, ‘what comes around, goes around.’ Humans have been unknowingly using dangerous heavy metals for thousands of years and knowingly inventing persistent chemicals (substances that do not break down into harmless constituents) for more than 70 years. 

Seventy years is almost four generations! That would be our grandkids (0 to 16 years old), our kids (20 to 30 years old), ourselves (in our early fifties), and our parents (mid-seventies). So those four generations cover the period of time we have been creating persistent pollutants, as well as the period of time BEFORE environmental regulations for air, water, and land pollution (all the way back to the 1940s).

And, our grandparents could have passed along some of the pollution in their bodies from the 1910s to 1940s to our parents, and so on down the hereditary line.

Please see our book, Toxic to Terrific: The step-by-step detox guide to safely remove dangerous toxins from your body and life, for much more in-depth information on testing, specifically in “Chapter 3 – When and How to Test for Toxins”.

(Please note: Laboratories change their tests and new laboratories are starting up all the time. Please let us know if you find updated information using our Contact Us form.)

Toxin/Toxicant Tests that Need to be Ordered by a Doctor

We have used tests from these lab companies and have been very satisfied with their output. We have listed them here in alphabetical order.

  • Designs for Health – Metabolomics Spotlight: – Metabolic and macronutrient processing, Mitochondrial function, Amino acid, protein, and neurotransmitter metabolism, Inflammatory response and oxidative stress, Detoxification and microbial metabolites
  • Doctor’s Data: – Toxic Metals, Essential Minerals, Phase I & II Detox Pathways, Glutathione levels
  • Genova Diagnostic: – Methylation Panel, Phase I Detox Pathways
  • Max Gen Labs: – Solvents exposure levels
  • Mosaic (formerly Great Plains Laboratory): – Glyphosate, Heavy Metals, Toxin Exposure, Mold Exposure
  • Quest Labs: – Solvent exposure levels

Toxin/Toxicant Tests Available for the Public to Purchase

Patients can purchase online test kits from:

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