Austin Air Bedroom Machine Air Purifier – “Best of the Best”

HEPA, Carbon & VOC Filters​ Cleaner Sensor Automatically adjusts Filtration to air Quality! Portable. Quiet. Captures Particles 100x Smaller Than Ordinary HEPA.


For those who want or need the “Best-of-the-best”! The Austin Air Bedroom Machine is the ultimate solution for various sleep-related problems, reducing the risk of nighttime asthma attacks and COPD symptoms.
* Boasting a 5-stage filtration system, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine is our most comprehensive air purifier, providing superior indoor air quality.
* Results of two separate clinical trials demonstrate the Austin Air Bedroom Machine’s high effectiveness at removing airborne pollutants from the home.
* With exceptional capabilities of removing sub-micron particles, gases, odors, and VOCs, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine offers the ultimate protection against airborne pollutants.
* Experience reduced nighttime allergies and asthma attacks, improved sleep quality, reduced snoring, strengthened immune system, and relief from coughing, wheezing, dry mouth, and runny nose.
* Choose the Austin Air Bedroom Machine for superior air purification, and enjoy a restful and peaceful sleep with unmatched protection against airborne pollutants.

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