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PERSONAL NOTE: I like to sleep with a humidifier. It provides a bit of white noise and sleeping with moist air is such a dream! Below I’ll insert the best humidifier I have yet seen, not because it is very sexy looking, but because I am a clean-freak and this humidifier can be so easily cleaned! Other humidifiers get this red slime in their nooks and crannies that you can’t reach to clean, but this model is so well designed that everything is cleanable.

From the Manufacturer…

Top Fill Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, Essential Oil Diffuser with Smart Sleep Mode, Whisper Quiet Operation, Auto Shut Off

Intelligent Sleep Mode: Sleep Mode turns off all display lights and uses a built-in humidity sensor to automatically maintain a comfortable humidity level to let you sleep soundly.
2-in-1 Humidifier & Diffuser: The Dual 100 acts as both a humidifier and a diffuser, so you can pair essential oils with the humidifier’s mist to spread your favorite fragrances throughout the room. Pure essential oils are available for purchase (Search for “LEVOIT Essential Oils”)
Top-Fill Design: Remove the lid to add cool water directly into the water tank, making refills and cleaning easier than the traditional humidifiers.
Quietest in the World: Sleep soundly as the near-silent ultrasonic cool mist technology generates less than 28 dB, which is quieter than a library.
Spiral Air Duct Technology: Turns water into a fine mist that spreads throughout a larger area in a shorter amount of time without fogging the room or wetting the floor.
Humidifier For Bedroom: 1. 8L/0. 48gallon provides ideal coverage for bedrooms, offices, baby kids rooms, and other medium-sized rooms, quiet operation avoid any disturbing.
Adjustable Mist Level: 3 mist speed settings make it easy to adjust mist speed to fit your comfort level, provide temporary relief from coughing & congestion, dry throat, allergies, so your rest won’t be as disturbed by coughing fits.
Safe and Reliable: BPA free, ETL listed and CA65 tested make it safe for everyone, it will automatically shutoff when water level is low or the water tank is removed


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