What To Do If You Get Sick with a Cold or Flu

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When you first feel yourself becoming sick, there are things you can do to avoid getting worse or shorten the duration of the illness.

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* All the recommendations below are for adults who do not have serious health conditions. If you have a diagnosed disease, please consult with your doctor to ask if any recommendations are contraindicated for your diagnosis or current medications.

If test positive for COVID, call a doctor and get anti-viral medication for COVID, if recommended.

[Please note: Ninety percent of common colds are due to viral (not bacterial) infections. Antibiotics are not effective against viruses. Taking antibiotics when you don’t need them is dangerous because antibiotics kill off good bugs in your gut microbiome. Antibiotics should only be prescribed when a secondary bacterial infection is likely.]

How to not spread the germs

Prevent Contamination of other People and Pets – If you feel like you may be getting sick then you are contagious. The best thing to do is to stay away from others, but if you can’t isolate, you can take steps to stop the spread of germs. To avoid spreading the illness to family, friends, co-workers, and others, avoid close contact like shaking hands, and grasping objects other people may touch (such as door handles). Don’t share utensils or dishes, etc. Wash your hands frequently and launder your clothing and bedding.

Avoid things that stop your immune system from working at its best

Avoid things that depress your immune system – Sugar shuts down your immune system so that it can’t fight your illness, so, avoid eating sweets, baked goods and beverages containing refined sugars – Look at the labels for “fructose”, “sucrose”, “corn syrup” and other forms of sugar. All types of sugars are known to suppress the phagocytic (bacteria-eating) activity of white blood cells, our primary line of defense against infection.

Avoid Dairy products – Dairy products (milk, cream, butter, ice cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt) stimulate the production of mucous in the body. The excess mucous can cause pressure in the sinuses, headaches, and further decrease the effectiveness of your immune system.

Certain fruits, although high in vitamin C, like oranges, grapefruit and tomatoes also create mucus in the body, so best to avoid them while you are sick.

What to do to help your immune system to heal you faster

Eat Raw Garlic – Put the garlic on after you cook the food, as heat destroys most of the beneficial properties of garlic. Try these: steamed greens (collards, kale, Swiss chard) with olive oil and garlic on top, dip bread into olive oil with chopped garlic and black pepper in it, or cook some pasta and sprinkle chopped garlic on top.

Drink Plenty of Fluids – You can help flush the toxins from a “bug” out of your system with large amounts of filtered water and herbal teas, If you do choose to drink fruit juices, (which are better to avoid because sugar in fruit juice will depress your immune system’s functioning,) dilute them with more than half filtered water.

Hot Lemon Tea – While oranges, grapefruit, and tomatoes have vitamin C in them, they can also cause mucus. Lemon on the other hand is a great mucus cutter. Buy fresh lemons, wash them in soap and water, and cut them in quarters. Put a pot of hot water on to boil, then fill a mug one-third of the way full of cool water and squeeze the lemon juice, about a tablespoon (or less to taste,) into the cool water. (You may want to use a strainer to catch the seeds.) Then fill the mug to the top with the boiling water. Making hot lemon tea this way keeps the lemon juice from getting too hot to damage the vitamin C.

Rest & Sleep – Cancel plans, stay home, take a bath and bundle up in bed. You will take longer to heal if you allow the illness to get a foothold. If you feel a sore throat, headache, congestion, etc., coming on, take it easy. If possible, take a day off from work. This may prevent you from having to take three days off later on.

Hydrotherapy you can do at home

The Hot Foot Bath: Soak your feet in hot water and wrap yourself in a warm wool blanket. Put a cold cloth on your head and relax while you sit in a comfortable position for 10-15 minutes. Take care to avoid getting chilled after this treatment, so stay bundled up and use a heating pad if you have one.

Throat or Chest Compress: Warm the throat or chest with a warm washcloth or hot shower. Dry the skin thoroughly and apply a thin cotton wrap (to throat) or thin cotton T-shirt (to chest) that has been soaked in cold water and wrung out so that it is not dripping wet. Cover this with a wool scarf (throat) or wool sweater (chest). Go to bed this way. By morning, the scarf or T-shirt will be dry. This treatment increases circulation and increases white blood cell activity.

What to do and when

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Fast or eat very sparingly
Drink (10) glasses of water in 12 hours (5 can be cups of hot lemon tea)
Hot Foot bath for 20 mins (repeat if feels good)
Cancel all appointments for the next 2 days and get into bed

Vitamin C – 1000mg per hour, until you get loose bowels, then stay at that dose.

The following, taken 3x per day:
(2) Garlic capsules
(1) Zinc capsules
(2) Maitake D-Fraction

If mucus will not stop running:
(2) 4 x per day NAC, 600 mg

VIRAL INFECTION (Any or all of these symptoms; cold feeling, stiff neck, clear mucus / post-nasal drip, fatigue, aches, slight cough, or head fullness/stuffiness) Most commonly the classic “head cold”
Take the following every 3 hours:
(1) Oil of Oregano
(1) N-A-C
(3) Viracon
(1) Oscillococcinum vial

For Sore Throat:
(1/2) Southern Ban Lan Gen Chong Tea packets as a cup of tea
Zinc Lozenges – 10 mg as needed, but not more than (4) a day and take (1)
CVS Sore Throat Spray

BACTERIAL INFECTION (Any of the following symptoms: fever, sense of heat and sweating, sore through that is red, yellow, green, or bloody mucous, head fullness sometimes with pain, cough with white, grey, yellow or green sputum)

Take all of these every (3) hours
(3) Herbal Biotic
(1) NAC

Vitamin C – 1000mg per hour
The following, taken 3x per day:
(2) Garlic capsules
(1) Zinc capsules
(2) Maitake D-Fraction

Before Bed:
Take Children’s Clear Liquid Benedryl at night to dry up mucous and prevent dripping down back of throat, which will stop the cold from moving into the chest.

If coughing and nothing coming up but congested:
(2) Guafensin tablets (from CVS) – thins mucous for expectorating

Steam Inhalation of Eucalyptus essential oil:
1. In a big pot, bring 2 inches of pure water to boil.
2. Put pot onto table on to of lots of trivets
3. Drop 3 drops of Eucalyptus oil on top of water.
4. Put towel over head and breath in deeply through nose or mouth is nose is stuffed.

You can also run a warm air humidifier with Eucalyptus oil sprinkled in or on to of the steam exhaust.

If can’t stop coughing:
Cough suppressant syrup
Nondrowsy cough softgels – Dextromethorphan HBr 15mg, cough suppressant


Dripping down back of throat and burning clear runny:
Allium Cepa

Thick green plugs of mucus:
Khali Bi

Yellow or greenish but fluid and you are insecure moody:

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When you start to feel better

When you start to feel better, continue to treat and sleep as much as possible for several days.

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